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21 x 21

Stroke Support Station's (S3) flagship Stroke Prevention Campaign

Did you know...

As we advocate for stroke prevention and healthy living, Stroke Support Station (S3) has created a flagship campaign: 21 x 21 - to bring awareness of stroke prevention through the cultivation of a pro-health lifestyle.

21 minutes of healthy moving for 21 days

What is 21 x 21?

S3's 21 x 21 campaign & fundraiser  spurs Singaporeans to lead healthier lifestyles through the commitment of 21 days of minimally 21 minutes of exercising in support of stroke prevention, stroke recovery and stroke support.

Go the extra mile and move an extra 3 minutes each week to support S3 (WINK!) and be in line with Sport Singapore and Health Promotion Board's minimum recommended guideline of 150 - 300 minutes of physical activity a week!

Who is moving with us?

We are excited to have members, friends and supporters join in on our call to move and keep healthy. You can be one of us too.


All you need to do to is take a photo of yourself in action and hashtag #stopstroke21 to show us how you move!

Here's how our supporters are moving to #stopstroke21!

Why 21 x 21?

There is a saying - it takes 21 days to form a habit. 

What better habit to form than one of regular exercise? 80% of strokes can be partially prevented through the leading of a healthy lifestyle with regular physical activities. Your commitment to healthy moving will help reduce your risk of getting a stroke. 

On top of your 21 minutes of movement a day, add an extra 3 minutes to your exercising in support of S3 and you will hit the recommended minimum of 150 minutes of physical activity a week (by Sport Singapore & Health Promotion Board)!

By joining us, you will also be supporting seniors to move and develop healthy habits of moving & exercising!

Find out how through clicking the button below:

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